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Exchange API
Whitelabel Exchange

Exchange API

Quppy has designed its own API presenting customers and partners a revolutionary solution anyone can use to address the issue of crypto and fiat conversion as fast and as profitable as possible.
The Quppy Partnership program was especially established for those companies integrating with our API.
For those integrators, we provide an affiliate payout/commission program with a stable 0.25% revenue per month based on the total amount of volume in bitcoin your integration provides.
Please note all potential affiliates must contact the Quppy Team and go through the approval procedure before being added to the Quppy Partner list.
Quppy Partners earn back 0.25% of their total BTC volume every month

Solutions we provide

Benefit now
The new system serves to payment providers enabling them to use third party technologies and support payment acceptance for their merchant customers. The white label simplifies payment processing for customers.
Fraud risks minimized
The new payment gateway offers tools to help fight fraud. The system protects genuine revenues while reducing the costs and administration associated with fraudulent activities.
Rapid deployment time
No need to build anything from scratch. With the white label the client has own platform ready for action.
The core works reliably
The system has been thoroughly tested, which means that the client gets a stable set of functions and features. The client’s application is constantly developing together with Quppy. New features appear during development stages. The errors are eliminated on the way.
Other advantages:
  1. the tested core;
  2. good for when there’s a lapse of technical experience;
  3. a private service for technical development;
  4. lower labor cost long term (no shares/equity given);
  5. No need to create your own platform.
Additional features:
  1. use the Quppy promotion experience to be on top;
  2. Quppy brings partners together: the client will find like-minded partners;
  3. legal support;
  4. technical support.
24/7 support
The multilingual team provides constant support of the project. It also monitors the overall system performance. As the system is multilingual, the project can be translated into multiple languages.
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