The main goal of the Quppy team

is to build a complete neobank based on a single application that brings together all the necessary financial and investment services. As a result, our clients will be able to consolidate all their cards and accounts within the Quppy interface.

Today we already offer our customers a constantly updated application that combines functions of a digital wallet and a multi-currency IBAN.


Quppy - world Bank-as-a-Service

  • BaaS
  • EMI license
  • Investments, Social,
    AI Mentors
  • Payments
  • Exchange services
  • Interaction with blockchain
  • Phased development of services to achieve goals
  • Bank as a Service
  • Electronic Money Institution license
  • Using artificial intelligence
  • Opening (+KYC) and management bank accounts*
  • Payment cards
  • Acquiring solution for merchants
  • Crypto - Crypto
  • Crypto - Fiat
  • Crypto transfers
  • Generation of new crypto wallets
  • Connecting already existing crypto wallets


  • Mobile app Quppy public launch
  • Payments: Wallets
  • Own exchange
  • Opening IBAN accounts for natural and legal entities
  • SEPA payments processing
  • Acquiring launch
  • Top up accounts with bank cards (done)
  • Cash2Crypto direct exchange
  • Crypto exchange in LatAm prepaid cards issuence: physical, virtual, ApplePay, GooglePay
  • IBANs consolidating
  • Instant transfers between EU & LatAm
  • USDT wallets
  • USD accounts
  • SWIFT payments processing
  • IBAN accounts for natural and legal entities in GBP
  • Mobile phone top up worldwide
  • Quppy Usability 2.0
  • Top up accounts with bank cards
  • AI Mentors: Credit mentor, Payment mentor, Investment mentor
  • Social: Donations, Joint purchases
  • AI Mentors: Cost planning
  • Payments: Recurring payments


Quppy at

WebSammit eng WebSummit 2019 - Quppy presentation
Finovate eng Quppy presentations Finivate Europe 2020
TechChill eng Quppy at TechChill 2020 (Riga, Latvia)


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