“Multi-Currency Wallet App Quppy Launches Euro Account Service for People and Companies."

“Quppy is a great example of a company providing contactless all-in-one financial solutions that consolidate accounts, cards, and services within one app."

“Quppy Wallet is a multicurrency wallet that supports both cryptocurrencies as well as EUR and GBP."

These companies put their trust in us

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Accept crypto payments wherever you are

Your website

Let your customers make crypto payments online.

Via e-mail

Sending Bitcoin payment requests is as easy as sending an email.

On location

Accept Bitcoin from mobile devices in your retail business, restaurant or venue.


Accept payments in BTC

Funds paid direct to your bank account, with no price fluctuation or risk.

Accept deposits from SEPA and SEPA supporting countries, credited to you in USD, Euros, GBP, and more.

Choose to settle incoming funds as fiat, crypto, or both

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Benefit from a $1+ trillion crypto market

Quppy accepts the top cryptocurrencies, reflecting 70% of global market value.

Our crypto wallet is always by your side

The Quppy decentralized fully licensed crypto wallet will provide you with a fast purchase as far as with total crypto balance security.

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