Licensed multicurrency payment system
A unique solution for purchasing, selling, storing and managing your crypto and fiat assets
What is Quppy
Cryptocurrency service for individuals and legal entities
A set of classic banking services in crypto assets for individuals and legal entities.
Multicurrency payment application
Decentralized storage allowing customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
Licensed international crypto bank
Possibility of instant transactions of fiat funds and a depository storage of cryptoassets.
Prepaid co-brand bank cards
Issue of debit plastic cards for the whole world.
Platform for P2P lending
A platform for P2P lending rating its users for investors and effecting the KYC/AML procedure.
  • Maximum security and anonymity of tools and operations within the Quppy Wallet application is achieved due to the two-factor authorization and a unique private key storage system.
  • Quppy Wallet is ready to solve all cryptocurrency users problems by combining all the best and innovative in the market of crypto-exchange services.
  • Quppy Wallet integrated with the payment system and issues its own co-brand card. Users can also freely receive and connect debit cards to their wallets.
  • The Quppy Wallet application is compatible with all major operating systems, electronic and mobile devices. With the help of API Quppy Wallet also freely integrates services of third-party developers.
Step by step, quarter by quarter, Quppy is developing to become a unique full cycle ecosystem.
Quppy 2018
  • 2Q2018 – MVP Quppy Wallet
Quppy 2018
  • 3Q2018 – Quppy Wallet public launch
  • 3Q2018 – Quppy Wallet - CryptoExchange
  • 3Q2018 – Quppy Wallet - Security System for cryptocurrency Holders
Quppy 2018
  • 4Q2018 – Quppy.Pay launch - Crypto-Fiat Exchange and acquiring
Quppy 2019
  • 1Q2019 – Quppy.Pay - debit card issue
Quppy 2019
  • 2Q2019 – Quppy.Finance - P2P lending
Quppy 2019
  • 3Q2019 – Quppy.Bank - AEMI license obtainment (UK)
Quppy 2019
  • 4Q2019 – Quppy.Bank - own cards issue launch