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Reliable crypto and fiat wallet

The Quppy neobank brings together centralized and decentralized Blockchain solutions for a unique financial experience of every user:

  • Payments in crypto
  • Payments in fiat
  • Investments
  • Mobile top-ups in over 140 countries
  • AI Mentors for payments, investments and savings

Quppy advantages

Quppy Wallet Benefits

  • Secure decentralised multicurrency application

  • Open IBAN accounts in Euro and British Pounds

  • Unlimited number of digital wallets

  • Fast and convenient KYC/AML

  • Multilingual customer support

  • Referral Program

Make SEPA payments

Quppy customers can make cashless euro payments with SEPA Instant feature via Quppy account to anywhere in the European Union

Media about Quppy

“Multi-Currency Wallet App Quppy Launches Euro Account Service for People and Companies."

“Quppy is a great example of a company providing contactless all-in-one financial solutions that consolidate accounts, cards, and services within one app."

“Quppy Wallet is a multicurrency wallet that supports both cryptocurrencies as well as EUR and GBP."


Ernestine Ullrich

US. 07.25.2022

Quppy’s developers managed to strike a great balance between functionality and ease of use — the wallet has everything I need but it is really clear and simple at the same time.


Abraham Hoppe

PL. 09.30.2022

Very reliable. Quppy is a full-fledged bank, but more convenient and modern, their app fast with a wide possibilities.


Narad Salor

US. 10.05.2022

While quppy doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some other wallets on the market, it is still quite functional and extremely easy to use.

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    Use Quppy benefits

    Start spend, receive, invest, exchange


Start using Quppy wallet today!

Bring digital and fiat together, with no compromise!

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APK v2.0.81


APK v2.0.81


APK v2.0.81


APK v2.0.81


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