When requesting for fiat operations, you need to pass our KYC verification procedure.

During this procedure you will be asked to submit one the following valid ID documents (passport, ID card, driving license): 

- ID document with all your data written in latin letters;

- information about this document and your citizenship;

- photo of this document;

- selfie with this document.

The Quppy Compliance Team kindly asks our customers to submit all the required documents in high resolution with all the necessary data such as numbers and letters visible.

Quppy Wallet does not set up the obligatory minimum amount for incoming and outgoing transactions in EUR and GBP. All incoming and outgoing transactions in EUR and GBP are FREE

For transactions in USD, all incoming transactions are FREE with no minimum amount, while for outgoing transactions the fee is 45 USD with the minimum amount of 100 USD.


Incoming transactions - FREE

Outgoing transactions - FREE

High risk transaction fee - 1.12%

Top up by card transaction fee – 0,6 EUR + 4%

The opening of a IBAN  - FREE

Dormant account fee* - 100 EUR per month (30 calendar days)

*Can be applied starting  after 183 calendar  day of no transaction on an account


Incoming transactions - FREE, no limits

Outgoing transactions - 45 USD, minimum amount - 100 USD

A digital wallet also known as "e-Wallet" refers to an electronic device or online service that allows an individual to make electronic operations and store digital currencies. 

An IBAN account an internationally agreed system of identifying bank accounts across national borders to facilitate the communication and processing of cross border transactions with a reduced risk of transcription errors. Such an account supports traditional currencies. The Quppy multicurrency IBANs currently support euro, dollars and British pounds.

The Quppy Team makes its best to provide a unique personal banking experience for each client. The Quppy Wallet application enables opening an unlimited number of digital wallets in different or similar digital currencies for any kinds of purposes. Thus, each customer can easily distinguish his/her finances and cashflows.