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Integrate Quppy API for Crypto Exchange in Your Business

Quppy Neobank is an established crypto-fiat provider with a 5-year processing history on the market. Now available as a B2B service, licenced and compliant out of the box.

With the Quppy API, your clients will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies inside your E-wallet thus increasing your transaction volume.

How it works

You integrate our API into your app, add the relevant UI. Quppy enables generation of custodial crypto wallets and vIBAN for each of your clients with exchange of supported currencies. Secure and fast.

Buy crypto

  • User chooses the amount of Bitcoin to buy

  • You send EURO from his account to the vIBAN

  • We send Bitcoins to the users custodial wallet

  • User withdraw Bitcoins from his custodial wallet

Sell crypto

  • User top-ups his custodial wallet with USDT

  • User chooses the amount of USDT to sell

  • We withdraw USDT from custodial wallet

  • We send EURO to his IBAN in your app

Quppy wallet since 2017 on the market

KYC/AML and Compliance. We provide enhanced KYC checks within the offered API. From your side, you only share the relative user data, we check the data and screen the transactions.

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v 2.0.88


v 2.0.88


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