Licensed multicurrency payment system

A unique solution for purchasing, selling, storing and managing your crypto and fiat assets.

What is Quppy?

Debit CARD
4000 1234 2314 9012 4000 12/20 Valid thru Taylor Simber
Decentralized lending and payment service within one platform:
Blockchain-based peer-to-peer lending for lenders (merchants, individuals, corporates, financial and non-financial institutions) and borrowers (buyers, individuals, legal entities) within one platform.
Besides, we provide crypto-fiat payments for merchants and 100% legal fiat-crypto-fiat transactions regardless of region and legislation.
Decentralized payment system with blockchain based transactions' storage.

Solutions we provide

Cryptocurrency service for individuals and legal entities
A set of classic banking services in crypto assets for individuals and legal entities.
Multicurrency payment application
Decentralized storage allowing customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
Licensed international crypto bank
Possibility of instant transactions of fiat funds and a depository storage of cryptoassets.
Prepaid co-brand bank cards
Decentralized storage allowing customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
Platform for P2P lending
A platform for P2P lending rating its users for investors and effecting the KYC/AML procedure.
Wallet Security
Maximum user asset security due to private keys storage on the client’s side

The Quppy Partners