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Quppy Dissolves Financial Barriers

Financial freedom means different things to different people, and financial barriers — whatever is standing between you and financial freedom — are also a very personal concept. 

But one critical part of breaking down financial barriers is being able to manage money well. It involves some effort and building new habits around money, but anyone can learn to manage their money better. 

Technology can help make it happen. Mobile apps have made it a whole lot easier for people to track their finances, invest their money, and get a better picture of their financial health. However, there’s a drawback to the added convenience. The average adult in developed countries uses multiple finance apps, bank cards, and accounts, which makes routine financial check-ups time-consuming.

The key to achieving your version of financial freedom is better money management. Finding an app that lets you do a broader range of transactions in one place makes it easier. 

Introducing Quppy, the do-more, stress-less finance app

Quppy (pronounced Q.P.) is an all-in-one decentralised payment solution. The Quppy app lets you open IBAN accounts in several currencies, buy & sell the most popular digital currencies, and send money with ease.

Why Quppy was created

The Quppy team built the app with the idea that people should be able to use a single digital banking application to access all of the financial and investment services they need. It allows people to consolidate their cards and accounts within one easy-to-use interface. 

Quppy helps you breathe easier

Let’s explore some of Quppy’s users’ favourite features.

Aggregate your USD, GBP, EUR accounts and crypto wallets

Apps are supposed to make life easier. But if you have to have a separate app for every type of transaction, it can slow you down. Quppy lets you work in a variety of currencies and make a range of transactions. 

Use Quppy to open new IBAN accounts in GBP, USD, or EUR and load money into them so you can make exchanges or payments using the prepaid Quppy bank card.

And manage your crypto portfolio, too. People who are just starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies can invest using a payment app they already trust to hold their traditional fiat currencies. People who already own digital currencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, can bring their wallets together into one app. Import wallets or open a new wallet right in Quppy. And use your cryptocurrency to send money or convert it into other currencies. You can even top up your mobile phone using your favourite digital currency!

Keep your money in a safe, decentralised app

Is it safe to manage your money on a mobile app? Quppy is a licensed app developed to be secure. In more technical terms, the app is built on decentralised storage technology.

What is decentralised storage technology?

A “centralised” technology is controlled by — or “centred” — around a single power, such as a government or a single bank. So “decentralised” means that the system is not owned or run by a single bank (e.g. Quppy). Instead, the service is managed and maintained through a peer-to-peer network, in which a distributed group of participants assumes the function of servers in a data centre. This dispersed approach helps to keep your data safer. Because decentralised storage technology stores transaction data in a distributed ledger, your data is protected from attackers who want to steal or alter transaction data.

In addition, private keys are stored on the client-side (on your device), rather than on the servers of your cryptocurrency wallet, which keeps your keys safe in the event of an attack on the wallet server.

Simply put, Quppy’s decentralised structure keeps your data and funds safe from potential attacks. 

In addition, Quppy uses AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) processes to verify the identity of all users. It’s a fast process, but one that’s essential to preventing financial crime and protecting Quppy customers.

In short? Quppy works hard to keep its app and customers ultra-safe.

Every cent counts! Rethink transaction fees

Traditional banks need to support their expensive operations, including dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of physical branch locations. That’s where online finance applications can help you save money, allowing you to do more with your money without worrying about yet another surprising fee.

Quppy, in particular, sets no minimum or maximum amount on transactions you make in Euros and British Pounds. And there are no internal fees or commissions. SEPA, SWIFT, and FPS transactions are fast and free, plus outbound transactions in Euros and Pounds are free of charge. There are fees for inbound transactions, but the Quppy fee works to keep them as low as possible.

Work more easily with seamless currency exchange

If you’re planning on travelling or working for international clients, you need a good way to exchange currencies. Unfortunately, exchange offices are often inconvenient and charge exorbitant commissions and offer ridiculous exchange rates. Quppy lets you open several IBAN accounts so you can use different currencies without needing to exchange them at all. And when you do need to make an exchange, you can do it instantly in the app.

Use all-in-one technology to make money management easier

There are many reasons technology can help you move toward your goals of financial freedom. 

Use an app that lets you track your USD, GBP, EUR and crypto portfolio regularly. By doing regular finance check-ups, you’re setting yourself up for financial success. Plus, working with multiple currencies and making new investments all in one app means breaking down your financial barriers will be faster, easier — and, dare we say, fun.

Our app is growing fast, and we’ve got some exciting new developments in the works! Stay in touch with Quppy and see how our app can help make finances easier. Sign up for our newsletter here.