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Why Neobanks offer Transaction Templates?

Transaction Templates: a simple feature making our financial user experience smooth and comfortable

Payment and transaction templates are becoming a staple feature in the rapidly evolving world of neobank applications, offering customers a more streamlined and efficient banking experience. These templates act as pre-set frameworks that users can quickly select and utilize for recurring transactions, thus saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

The Rise of Neobank Transaction Templates

Neobanking, a product of the fintech revolution, has brought forth the concept of branchless banking, operating exclusively online without traditional physical branch networks. This digital-first approach has led to the development of numerous user-friendly features, one of which is the transaction template.

Understanding Transaction Templates

A transaction template is essentially a customizable blueprint for frequent transactions. This could include monthly bill payments, routine money transfers to friends or family, or regular business expenses. Instead of manually inputting the transaction details each time, customers can create a template once and then use it repeatedly with just a few clicks.

The Future of Templates in Neobanking

The future of transaction templates in neobank applications looks promising, with potential advancements such as:

Predictive Setup: The app could predict when a user might need a new template and set it up in advance.

Location-Based Templates: Templates could be activated based on the user’s location, handy for travelers.

Integration with IoT: As the Internet of Things expands, templates could interact with smart devices to initiate transactions based on pre-set conditions.

The Benefits of Using Templates

Time-saving: Once set up, templates can reduce the time taken to make a transaction to just a few seconds.

Convenience: Users can manage their regular payments without having to remember the specifics of each one.

Reduced Errors: Pre-filled information minimizes the chance of entering incorrect details.

Budgeting: Regular payments are easier to track, which helps in budget management.

Customization: Templates can often be personalized with names, icons, or notes for easier identification.

How Neobanks are Implementing Templates

Neobanks are integrating payment and transaction templates into their apps with innovative features such as:

Smart Suggestions: Using AI, the app suggests creating templates based on transaction history.

Bulk Actions: Users can apply templates to multiple transactions at once, ideal for businesses.

Voice Commands: Integration with voice assistants allows for template activation by voice.

Cross-Platform Use: Templates can be accessed and used across different devices seamlessly.

User Experience and Security

Neobanks are not only focusing on convenience but also ensuring that the use of templates does not compromise security. Multi-factor authentication before executing a template transaction is becoming a norm. Furthermore, some neobanks provide the option to set up a transaction limit for templates, adding another layer of control and security.

Quppy has recently introduced the payment and transaction templates to its users for a better and easier repeated financial activities performance. Simply select the transaction made through the Quppy Wallet app and push the “Repeat the payment” button. You can change the amount while all the receiver details are already filled in.

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