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The Money App That Loves Freedom

If your definition of freedom includes traveling, doing remote work abroad, or being able to do global work on your terms, you’ve probably hit a few roadblocks when it comes to setting up your finances.

The truth is, neither traditional banks nor most apps live up to your expectations of being able to switch between currencies easily. So Quppy is here to help you use your money, in the way that works best for you.

Whether you are a freelancer or run a business that serves clients in several different markets, or you like to travel, you need access to your money whenever and wherever you are. We’ve got your back!

One app for this, another app for that 

There are loads of fintech — that stands for financial technology — apps out there in the App Store, Play Store, and on the web. But some of the most popular fintech apps are really good at one thing. Some of them are perfect for your US dollars but not too helpful with Euros. Some of them are great for currency exchange. Others are great for trading cryptocurrencies. And others are just a reliable way for you to see your account balances side-by-side. 

But, let’s face it. Having ten different apps for your day-to-day transactions is definitely not our idea of freedom! You spend more time comparing balances and trying to remember your passwords than actually managing your money. 

Put it all together in one convenient app

Lucky you! Now there’s Quppy, the app that does it all. Let’s show you why customers trust Quppy to manage a wider variety of currencies:

Choose your currency (and, no, we don’t just mean fiat)

Tens of thousands of people use Quppy to open free IBAN accounts in GBP, USD, or EUR. Load as much money as you need into each one, then make exchanges or payments online or with the prepaid Quppy bank card, coming in Spring 2022.

Use your multicurrency IBANs to receive money from international customers and clients, and use Quppy’s simple interface to easily keep track of incoming and outgoing funds for each one, all in one place.

Into digital currencies? We thought so! Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the crypto pool or already have a portfolio, Quppy lets you import your wallets and open new ones with the most popular currencies, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and of course, Ethereum. 

Use Bitcoin or Ethereum (or any of the cryptocurrencies we serve) to send money or convert it into other currencies. You can even top up your mobile phone using your favourite cryptocurrency. We love to build our app based on customer feedback and are always looking to add the next digital currency to our portfolio. That means we’ll be introducing more useful digital currencies, like USDT, in the future.

Open the doors to Europe

Are you travelling soon or planning to work for European companies? Make life easier with seamless currency exchange available for both personal and business accounts.

Forget about exchange offices with confusing rates, built-in fees, and high commission. And don’t bother with terrible bank exchange rates. No need to download yet another app because Quppy has you covered. 

Move money between your IBAN accounts and start spending. It’s the best way to enjoy your travels and international work without worry.

Fewer fees, more fun!

By skipping out on the traditional bank experience, you’ll pay far fewer fees. For example, British Pounds and Euro IBAN accounts in Quppy have no charge for inbound and outbound transactions. USD accounts use SWIFT transfers, which are instant and free for all users.

As for crypto transactions, all you need to think about are network fees, which are fees that ensure miners get paid! These network fees will depend on the blockchain and currency that you’ve chosen to work with. 

Breathe easy with 24/7 support and best-in-class security

The Quppy team offers 24/7 support in multiple languages, on the web, and through the app. And the app is secure. Users must identify themselves according to AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols, ensuring users are who they say they are. 

Plus, the Quppy app uses decentralised storage technology, which protects your transactions from security breaches and data loss. 

Grow your portfolio with us

We started out with two core currencies: Euros and Bitcoin. But look at us now! 

Quppy already has the coolest cross-currency features there are, combining the top cryptocurrencies. We’ve also expanded our IBAN services to multiple conventional (fiat) currencies. And we aren’t done yet! 

Be among the first to receive our prepaid bank card and look out for the AI mentor technology we’re working on, which makes personalised suggestions based on your portfolio. Quppy is the all-in-one banking solution, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. If your life happens in more than one country or you enjoy frequent travel – join us! 

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