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The Quppy personal IBAN: important use cases for your everyday life

How, when, and why your dedicated virtual IBAN is a perfect fit?

Quppy offers personal virtual IBAN accounts to its customers from all around the world. The Quppy vIBANs are multicurrency and support third party incoming and outgoing transactions. All Quppy virtual IBANs support Instant SEPA transactions with no fees. These virtual IBANs can be opened in the Quppy Wallet app within 5 minutes and are fully compliant with European financial regulations. So, what are its most common, most convenient, and most important use cases that you need to start off with now?

Receive salary

Quppy personal IBANs allow users to send and receive funds from companies. Quppy users can receive their official salaries on their IBAN accounts opened at Quppy. Simply provide your IBAN details to the employer and receive salary the same day it is paid with no fees.

Sole entrepreneur? Use it as a service account for your activities

Digital nomads, and those specialists working remotely in IT and digital need a reliable banking solution to receive payments for their services. These specialists working from all around the globe also need a financial solution to cover their accountancy bills and perform tax payments. The Quppy virtual dedicated IBAN enables instant payments at no fees to individuals and legal entities in SEPA and Faster Payments zones.

Accumulate your income

We all need a bank account to gather the income we receive. The Quppy personal IBAN accounts in euros and British pounds secure holders’ funds while enabling transfers from and to own accounts in other banks for free.

A perfect jar

Everyone has important lifegoals that require significant investments. Saving money is not always easy. Thus, it is important to have a bank account to regularly put money aside. Quppy personal IBAN not only helps you to collect funds but also to take it out totally or partially at zero cost and in just several minutes.

Connecting a Quppy vIBAN to PayPall

The PayPal payment system is very popular today among merchants worldwide. While sometimes being the only accepted payment method, PayPal account requires to be topped up. Link your Quppy personal IBAN to your PayPal account in minutes for free and start purchasing online with participating stores.

Pay utility bills

Utility bills together with a number of recurrent payments are our everyday financial reality. Use your Quppy dedicated IBAN to cover your electricity, gas, water, phone, and any other bills with no fees and no stress in just 2 clicks.

Purchasing through a bank transfer in an online store

Some online merchants do not accept bank card payment but wire transfers. With the Quppy IBAN you can immediately send the required sum for goods and services, download the transaction confirmation, and present it to the merchant.

Digital currencies made easy

Being an alternative financial instrument and a source of additional income, digital currencies are at your service in the Quppy Wallet app right next to your personal IBAN. Exchange euros and British pounds to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USDT, and vice a versa. Manage your digital and traditional funds in 100% security, with no risk and no hidden or exaggerated fees. Extend your financial portfolio within all-in-one Quppy Wallet app.